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Semuc Champey is a beautiful series of small ponds and pools on a natural land bridge that crosses the Cahabon River.  It is located in the Municipality of Lanquin, Alta Verapaz.  In the Mayan Kekchi language, Semuc Champey means Sacred Water.  The Cahabon River submerges itself at the entrance of Semuc Champey and resurfaces about 400 meters later after it passes this natural limestone bridge suspended with beautiful crystal clear ponds.  In this unique natural formation you have water with shades of light green emerald to dark blue sapphire.  Semuc Champey is about a seven hour drive from the City of Guatemala and a three hour drive from the City of Coban.  The entrance fee is only Q10.00 per person and Q5.00 per car.  This enchanted place has a low tourism density.  Be sure to take your bathing suit, food and drinks so you can take a swim in the various pools and catch a lunch break in the afternoon. 

I have taken some pictures that do not do justice to this tropical paradise in the middle of the jungle.  Enjoy them!


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